Body Sugaring Lewisville, TX – What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an Ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that is gaining popularity in the United States as a luxury alternative to waxing. Body Sugaring is gentle on the skin and causes less pain and irritation during and after treatments. Sugar Paste is completely natural and non-allergenic – made solely from pure sugar cane, lemon juice, and water. It contains zero chemicals, additives, or fillers. You can eat it!


Body Sugaring Paste

With Body Sugaring, hair is removed using a hand technique and does not involve the use of sticks or strips. A fresh ball of body temperature paste is used for each treatment. The paste gently removes hair by the root, in the natural direction of hair growth, without removing live skin cells.

Water Soluble Body Sugaring

Upon completion of the treatment, the used paste is tossed out with the glove.  At DFW Skincare Solutions in Lewisville, TX, you receive a warm towel after every body sugaring treatment – sugar paste is water-soluble and all residue is completely dissolved. You’ll leave the spa with perfectly smooth, clean skin.

Body Sugaring Benefits:

  • Minimal Pain
  • Minimal damage to skin
  • Excellent for delicate skin tissues
  • Zero risk of burn
  • Minimal breakage
  • Tends to cause fewer ingrown hairs
  • Thorough hair removal
  • Longer lasting results
  • Minimal waste
  • Completely hygienic

How to Prepare for your Body Sugaring Appointment

Skin should be clean and dry, no lotion or oil. You may take an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever of your choice, and caffeine should be avoided before your appointment. Length of hair should be approximately 1/4″ or longer. If you’ve been shaving, 2-3 weeks of growth is usually sufficient (4+ for legs), but the more the merrier. If you’ve been waxing or sugaring, you’ll want to wait 4-6 weeks in between your appointments without shaving in between.